Spring 2015:
     Design 212, Introduction to Interaction Design
     Instructor: August de los Reyes
Duration: 1 week

The Problem:
Although we live in a world where floppy disc drives are no longer necessary for saving content, many programs still use the floppy disc icon to indicate the save function. The icon is obsolete, and soon enough, the younger generations will not find this icon intuitive. 

The Task:
Create a new save icon that is consistent with modern technology. Once the save icon has been created - create a family of icons, including a New Document, Open Document, and Close Document function.

The Solution:
A family of icons consistent with the modern movement towards cloud computing.

The Process:

I decided to go with the Cloud, because more and more companies and individuals are using cloud computing services. Once I decided on the idea of cloud computing, I created a picture plane which helped visualize the range of icons I could create spanning between the object (the cloud), meaning (to save), and reality (what cloud computing actually is).

I chose an icon that was closer to the meaning side of the plane, because I felt the user would find the cloud, document, and up arrow to be intuitive and indicative about what the button did. I also chose to go with a simple icon that could be converted to various sizes and still be readable.

Once I solidified my choice to use this icon, I decided to stick with the cloud throughout the rest of my designs, and incorporate other elements from the sky like the sun and the moon. I associated the sun with the New and Open icons, as the sun indicates the beginning. Similarly, I chose the moon for the Close icon, as the moon indicates the end. I added a plus, arrow, and X to the icons to provide a little more explanation as to what the button did.

I refined these icons further by removing the document symbol behind each icon, as I found the it to be unnecessary and redundant. Additionally, these icons could be applied to a wider range of programs beyond text editing if the document symbol was removed.