Fall 2015:
     Design 383, Foundations of Interaction Design
     Professor: Axel Roesler
Team: Zihan Chang & Dwight Stoddard
Duration: 10 weeks

The Problem:
People use impression management to create idealized lives to share with others, which can make viewers feel depressed rather than happy. Taking out a camera to record a moment suddenly interrupts the mood that someone might be experiencing. More often than not, we forget to record the small, everyday things that make us feel happy, relaxed, or any other emotion we want to capture and relive.

The Solution:
Ria - a device that is able to record and store video based off the user’s mood. Ria uses skin electricity, pulse, and body temperature to detect the user’s mood, and turns on to record moments based off the user’s preferences. The user can then retrieve these videos on a computer, tablet, or mobile device using voice commands. Videos are stored and organized by mood, facial recognition, date, time, and location.

The Process:
The three of us working on this project came from having different ideas, which we then merged together to create Ria. My initial idea involved the device sensing your mood while doing an activity, but rather than focusing on recording positive things, the device would guide you step by step through the frustrating activity by recognizing body movements.

We took this idea of capturing mood and combined it with others which included deciding what types of videos you’d like to capture ahead of time, and placing an emphasis on the joy someone experiences out of everyday interactions.

We began designing our interface and the retrieval process with bright colors, different textures, and images, but later decided to go with a clean, black and white design.

The Interface:

Once you calibrate your device and select the specific moods you want Ria to record, she takes care of the rest. Ria will record and store moments based off your mood, familiar faces, date, time, and location. All you have to do from there is prompt her (by using voice commands) to pull these moments up for you, and she’ll display the videos on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.