The Task:

The Process:

Whats missing? While all of these apps are successful and liked by the gardening community, they all lack one thing - a human element. We hope to penetrate this area of the market, and provide a service for the gardening community that not only connects people to their plants, but to other plant lovers as well.

My plan: connect plants and people. Create a mobile platform that not only compiles all the resources that the Seattle Community Gardens website has to offer, but give users a more efficient way to plan and communicate with one another.

I first began by looking at the Seattle Community Garden webpage and sorted through the information and resources they had to offer. I then, tired to organize the information in a way that facilitates the social connection and growth relationships (and plants).

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I soon realized that I needed to add more features on the app to facilitate further social connection, I decided to add a news feed where users may post thoughts, questions, articles, and requests for help at their garden.

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I cleaned up the appearance of the app, and added the proper iOS assets to make the prototype as realistic as possible. I also began working in Quartz Composer to make the app come to life.

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Realizing that the sign up flow was stretched out over way too many screens, I took a step back and wire-framed my entire flow, making sure to note what assets were needed on each screen (blue), what order everything should flow in, and which animations to use (red).

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I then began to work everything out in Quartz composer, and ended up with several files that would be laced together to form a final product.

The Product:

A medium fidelity prototype showing the sign up flow, adding a picture, looking through the feed, and calendar.

A few variations of how the user may toggle between the two news feeds

A few variations of the calendar.